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FAQ’s About ReplaceSR – Electrolyte Replacement Tablets

Updated as of 3-25-2015

When should I take ReplaceSR tablets?

They should be taken with a full glass of water before engaging in physical activities anticipated to result in fluid loss. ReplaceSR will then provide a continuous release of electrolytes for 4 to 6 hours, enabling your body to absorb the fluids you drink for re-hydration.

 ReplaceSR can also be taken at the end of physical activity, which will speed up the body’s ability to return to fluid homeostasis, aiding in recovery and preparation for activity the following day.

Before what activities do you recommend taking ReplaceSR?

The average adult generally ingests enough electrolytes in their diet to maintain the body’s needs. However, there are situations in which these needs are not completely met. Individuals who are active in sports or do moderate to heavy work, especially in a hot climates may find themselves suffering from electrolyte imbalance due to excessive fluid loss. Fatigue, muscle weakness and cramps are often a result of this imbalance. We recommend using ReplaceSR tablets for activities which result in significant fluid loss, especially activities longer than 2 hours in duration.

How is ReplaceSR different from other electrolyte replacements?

Electrolyte-Replacement-ChartWhile there are many electrolyte replacement options available, none offer a sustained release formula.

Taking ReplaceSR 30 minutes prior to your activity provides your body a continuous release over 4 to 6 hours. Simply follow your thirst! No more managing your electrolyte intake during your activity.

What is the recommended dosage?

The recommended dose of ReplaceSR is 1-3 tablets, once or twice daily, depending on the duration of physical exercise and total fluid loss. Significant individual variability exists with amount of fluid loss through perspiration. “heavy sweaters” and “salty sweaters” will have a greater need for electrolyte replacement.


What is special about your blend of ingredients?

While no ratio of electrolytes is perfect for every individual, ReplaceSR is designed as a balanced formula of the most significant electrolytes lost during prolonged exercise, and includes phosphate for buffering of the pH.

What if I take too many?

Taking too much sodium can cause excess fluid retention and raise blood pressure. This will trigger aldosterone release, signaling the kidneys to reduce the re-absorption of sodium. Drinking more fluid, particularly a weak diuretic such as caffeine, can help your body flush the excess and return to fluid/electrolyte homeostasis.

Recommendations for Athletes and Those with Excess Fluid Loss

Significant individual variability exists regarding sweat loss, and sodium concentrations in sweat. Both “heavy sweaters” and “salty sweaters” will have a greater need of electrolyte replacement than others. These individuals are most likely to benefit from electrolyte replacement prior to or during exercise.

Athletes who exercise for extended periods on successive days, or repetitively on the same day, are more likely to be dehydrated prior to the next event. Dehydration can increase the sodium and potassium content in sweat. Successive training/performance situations will benefit from electrolyte replacement post performance, to more rapidly restore fluid/electrolyte balance.

Athletes who intentionally train to achieve weight loss from fluid (i.e. weigh-ins), will be able to more rapidly restore fluid balance by electrolyte supplementation.

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