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ReplaceSR is a balanced combination of electrolytes in a sustained release tablet, providing a continual release of electrolytes over 4-6 hours.  The gradual release of electrolytes provides your body the replacement as it is needed due to the loss from prolonged perspiration, and reduces the likelihood of high localized concentrations and gastric distress.

Electrolyte-Replacement-ChartEfficient.  Convenient.  Say goodbye to sweeteners, mixing beverages, or interrupting your competition to take your electrolytes.  ReplaceSR electrolyte tablets allows you to focus on your performance and nothing else.

A balanced formulation of electrolytes ReplaceSR tablets are:

  • Sustained Release: provides a continuous supply of electrolytes during a period of physical activity as the body needs them
  • Convenience: Take the electrolyte tablets prior to exercise periods and drinking water at regular intervals rather than mixing and having to carry around a bottle of liquids which is often heavily sugared liquid
  • Balanced Formula: Includes magnesium and potassium, as well as phosphates for buffering and absorption
  • Efficient: Gradual release means fewer tablets taken less often
  • Natural: Tablets contain no sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors or imitation  flavors.

Electrolyte Tablets for Sustained Performance

The process used for the manufacture of our clinically proven ENDURACIN® is used in all of our controlled release products.

This tablet delivery ensures a gradual release, often resulting in less stomach irritation, greater bioavailability over time, as blood levels are maintained instead of excessively excreted. Sustained release electrolyte tablets means less tablets, less often. Allowing you to concentrate on your sport and your performance.


“IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE Maintaining electrolyte balance by more closely replacing the losses from sweat has now been proven to lower cycling and running times in a half-marathon.”

Electrolyte Replacement Supplements – Quality Products From Quality Raw Materials

Triathlete Electrolyte Replacement

ReplaceSR is made from quality raw materials that are sourced from US companies. As the dietary supplement industry is becoming more global in manufacturing, quality assurance becomes ever more critical, and the raw materials used at Endurance Products Co. (EPC) are double-tested prior to manufacturing at our Tigard, OR facility.

Certificate of Analysis: Every raw material ingredient used in manufacturing is accompanied by a Certificate of Analysis (C of A) from its source. A C of A demonstrates the assay results which confirm the content of the raw material, as well as test results for impurities, confirming the lack of heavy metals, contaminants or microbes. Additional tests are done depending on the type of material, as necessary.ReplaceSRandFacts577ReplaceSR electrolyte tablets contains no sugar, starch, artificial flavors, sweeteners, colors, or preservatives.

While electrolyte replacement has now been shown to improve performance, ReplaceSR electrolyte tablets do not contain any ingredient listed as banned by the NCAA or other governing bodies.