Electrolyte Replacement for Military

A good battle plan that you act on today can be better than a perfect one tomorrow.” 

Recommendations For Soldiers And Those With Excess Fluid Loss

Significant individual variability exists regarding sweat loss, and sodium concentrations in sweat. Both “heavy sweaters” and “salty sweaters” will have a greater need of electrolyte replacement than others. These individuals are most likely to benefit from electrolyte replacement prior to or during exercise.

Soldiers who exercise for extended periods on successive days, or repetitively on the same day, are more likely to be dehydrated prior to the next event. Dehydration can increase the sodium and potassium content in sweat. Successive training/performance situations will benefit from electrolyte replacement post performance, to more rapidly restore fluid/electrolyte balance.

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A balanced formulation of electrolytes Replace™SR tablets are:

  • Sustained Release: provides a continuous supply of electrolytes during a period of physical activity as the body needs them
  • Convenience: Take the tablets prior to exercise periods and drinking water at regular intervals rather than mixing and having to carry around a bottle of liquids which is often heavily sugared liquid
  • Balanced Formula: Includes magnesium and potassium, as well as phosphates for buffering and absorption
  • Efficient: Gradual release means fewer tablets taken less often
  • Natural: Tablets contain no sugar, starch, preservatives, artificial colors or imitation  flavors.

Electrolyte Replacement Tablets

We offer a Trial size and Competition size bottle for your needs. 

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Sustained Release Less Tablets Less Often