Electrolyte Tablets Are Best For Runners

“To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” – Steve Prefontaine

If you are a runner, maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance is absolutely vital. Think of your body as a car, and electrolytes as the oil in your car’s engine. Keeping the needed amount of electrolytes in your body makes everything run smoothly and efficiently. With proper hydration, you can run harder, faster, and for longer. Just like oil in a car, if you do not take care of your electrolyte levels, things start to break down. Symptoms for electrolyte imbalance include dizziness/headaches, fatiguing too early, side stiches, muscle cramps/spasms, nausea, bloating, and vomiting.

Formulated especially for endurance athletes, ReplaceSR is a leading electrolyte tablet for runners. Since our relaunch, many endurance athletes have hailed ReplaceSR as the best all-around electrolyte tablet for runners, primarily due to two reasons. Firstly, ReplaceSR makes electrolyte replacement easy and hassle free. Our unique sustained release formula releases electrolytes over a 4-6 hour time period- you just have to take ReplaceSR’s electrolyte tablets before working out or competing and then hydrate with water. No more having to worry about gels, tablets, pouring drink mix into water, or keeping sports electrolyte drinks around; ReplaceSR makes keeping a healthy electrolyte balance for optimal performance quick easy and convenient.

Secondly, ReplaceSR has the electrolytes you need, and nothing more. If you break down the contents of a ReplaceSR electrolyte tablets, all you will find is electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphorous, and magnesium) and our unique sustained release wax matrix. With no food coloring, no artificial additives, no weird chemicals, no sweeteners, no refined sugar, no high fructose corn syrup, no GMO’s, and no carbonation, ReplaceSR has exactly what you need in one easy to swallow electrolyte tablet, making it one of the purest electrolyte tablets for runners on the market.

Sugary Sports Drinks

As electrolyte supplements for runners, sugary sports drinks have several drawbacks. Many sugary sports drinks have additives in their food coloring. Low-quality sweeteners such as high fructose corn syrup and low quality sucrose are also prevalent in sugary sports drinks, making them an unreliable electrolyte supplement for runners. Drinking too much sweeteners in a short amount of time has been known to lead to an upset stomach.

Instant Release Sodium Tablets

Instant release sodium tablets are a viable option as an electrolyte supplement for runners, but ReplaceSR is a better electrolyte tablet solution for runners because of its sustained release formula. Because of the high instant sodium intake, instant release sodium tablets have a reputation of being hard on runners’ stomachs. ReplaceSR’s sustained release formula releases electrolytes over 4-6 hours, moderating this effect. ReplaceSR’s 4-6 hour release offers a significant advantage in convenience over instant release tablets- imagine having to take a tablet every 4-6 hours instead of every 30-60 minutes.

Fizzy Electrolyte Drink Mixes

Fizzy electrolyte drink mixes are subpar electrolyte supplements for runners. Firstly, fizzy electrolyte drinks often do not carry an appropriate amount of electrolytes for endurance athletes. The convenience factor is also an issue- would you rather have to keep track of a fizzy electrolyte drink mix, or would you rather just take an electrolyte tablet like ReplaceSR and only worry about having to hydrate with water.


ReplaceSR is the best electrolyte tablet for runners on the market. Think about how much better your workouts and race days will be if you combine the convenience of a 4-6 hour electrolyte release and our additive-free and effective mix of electrolytes. We were recently at the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival, where we got to meet some awesome Pacific NW athletes and do product giveaways. Here’s what first-time user Ken Hyland had to say about his first experience with ReplaceSR:

Electrolyte Tablets

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