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ReplaceSR is a unique sustained release electrolyte supplement. Our electrolyte supplement helps athletes maintain a healthy electrolyte balance so that they can perform at their optimal level and train harder, faster, and for longer. Keeping a good electrolyte balance also helps you avoid nasty side effects of dehydration such as fatigue, muscle cramping, and decreased performance.

The thing that sets ReplaceSR apart from its competitors is its convenience. If you are a serious endurance athlete, you are probably already using electrolyte supplements, electrolyte tablets, or some other form of electrolyte replenishment. Think about how often you have to worry about electrolyte replenishment, though. Do you constantly have to take a tablet, gel, or mix electrolyte supplement formula into your water?

ReplaceSR uses a sustained release wax matrix, meaning that ReplaceSR continually replaces electrolytes over a 4 to 6 hour period of time. All you have to do is to re-hydrate with water. Unlike other electrolyte supplements where you’re constantly worrying about making sure you are maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance, if you are taking ReplaceSR, you don’t have to worry about keeping hydrated. All you have to focus on is your performance.

Many athletes also incorporate ReplaceSR into their training regimen. They know that the harder they are able to push themselves and the more performance and explosiveness they are able to get out of their bodies during training, the more it will pay off on race day. If the price for a strong training session is just taking a few electrolyte tablets before you train and then staying hydrated with water, then why wouldn’t you use an electrolyte supplement?

ReplaceSR is going to be a game-changer. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Here are a few testimonials from people who love our electrolyte supplement.

Ken Hyland- Colton, Oregon
“I used ReplaceSR before the race. Popped 2 tablets, had never used it before. I never finished this race without cramping. Somebody stole my salt tabs in run transition. Even without that, I made it through the run without cramping. Strong finish; I’m very happy! Will be using this again!”

Nicole Richards- Boring, Oregon
“I took the [ReplaceSR] tablets and I had a phenomenal race and I feel amazing now! … It was a risk to try race morning. They tell you not to try something new, but I went for it and it was the right choice!”

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“My Army unit had a 36 hour endurance challenge and Replace SR was the key to success when temps spiked to 90 degrees and Soldiers were accomplishing tasks with minimal rest and only water. All competitors knew that because we had used Replace SR they had an edge. I’m not sure if there is a better testament to a product, than 50 Army Soldiers going strong for 36 hours straight on Replace SR!” Unfortunately we had one guy who thought he wouldn’t need the Replace SR and dropped from the competition due to heat related/hydration issues. – Thomas Hurd

A huge THANK YOU!!! for the 15min PR in the Portland Marathon. I know it was your product because it was the only thing i did different from previous races. No cramping and felt strong the whole race…. WoW I love your product !  – Brian Jennings

Hi, I just want to let you know I tried your product before the Portland marathon and I made it through 18 miles without cramping and the entire marathon without gassing out. I usually cramp at about 6-8 miles in. The only thing I did differently was take your product. Thank you!!! – Brooke Elliott Elmore

Hello folks,

Your product is great . It was a pleasure meeting some staff at the Portland marathon expo last week. I have been using your product since being introduced to it at the Hagg Lake Tri this summer. I placed 2nd in my age group  (50-54) in 1.37.50 at the PDX 13.1 half marathon and it is due to training with your product. No leg cramps. My time was almost 2 mins faster than last year and I’m getting older to say the least  but your product has enhanced My training. Thank for bringing this product into the running Tri community. May you have much success .