ReplaceSR is a balanced combination of electrolytes in a sustained release electrolyte tablet, providing a continual release of electrolytes over 4-6 hours.

ReplaceSR electrolyte tablets allow you to focus on your performance and nothing else.

 If you are looking at this page, you know the science makes sense. Many of you might already be taking electrolyte tablets, and just want a better way to get those type of results.

We offer two bottle sizes for your needs, Trial and Competitive. Our Trial size bottle includes 20 electrolyte tablets and should last for up to 20 events or activities that will require sustained electrolyte release for $10.00. We also offer a Competition size which provides the best value to our customer at $20.00 for 90 electrolyte tablets.

Trial Size 20 Count Bottle = $10.00

Competition Size 90 Count Bottle = $20.00

We thank you for your business and wish you success in your athletic endeavors. 

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