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The Evolution of Electrolyte Replacement Tablets


Marathon Electrolyte TabletsOnce it was established that ingesting electrolytes helped improve performance, athletes wanting an edge turned toward other types of electrolyte replacement to attain better results. High level endurance competitors not wanting to ingest large amounts of sugar and artificial ingredients turned toward more pure electrolyte drinks and eventually that evolved into consuming a drink and electrolyte tablets to achieve maximum results. Researchers in Spain have recently proven that ingesting electrolyte tablets in combination with electrolyte replacement drinks increase athletic performance. The triathletes who had ingested the electrolyte tablets and drinks ended the half-ironman competition 26 minutes before the control group on average. Above all their running and cycling speeds improved. This will only make the trend of blending fluid and electrolyte replacement strategies more prevalent for endurance athletes.

Electrolyte Tablets 

Electrolyte-Replacement-Tablets-for-Triathlon-1Right now this is the latest trend in the endurance sports world. Having a portable easy to use source of electrolyte replacement that cuts down on intake of sugars while making sure you have proper fluid and electrolyte balance, is seen by many athletes to be their latest competitive advantage. Most electrolyte tablets are meant to be taken before the event, several times during the event and after the event to make sure your electrolytes are balanced and replaced for optimum efficiency. This is a trend that will only continue to grow as more research is done on this subject and more studies like the one from Spain are published. One thing we hear from our athletes is that having a 4-6 hour sustain release electrolyte tablet makes them feel like they have an even better advantage. Having the ability to take less tablets, less often allows you the competitor to concentrate more on the event rather than your pill schedule.

Whatever choice you make for your electrolyte replacement strategy, make sure you are drinking plenty of fluids before, during and after your race or event. Also having a well-balanced diet that provides you with electrolytes and minerals is also extremely important in making sure you are at your very best on race day.

If you would like more information regarding electrolyte tablets or if you feel we are missing anything please feel free to leave your comments below or send us an email.

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